Local news

Valenoso con fondo nevado

Teleboadilla represents the future of television, a local news channel broadcast only through the internet. The municipality is Boadilla del Monte, west of Madrid, among the richest towns in Spain. Still perceived as a small village, the population has grown in the recent years developing differentiated population strata. It has […]


Carton obras AudiovisualStream

AudiovisualStream is a production company specializing in streaming of events to the internet. The focus of their website was completely different from ours at JLCVISUAL. A rather static content but the presentation had to be spectacular. The choosen theme was Avada, one the most avant-garde WordPress themes. I leave it […]

XTB Trading Day

XTB Trading Day

The Trading Day is an intense event organized by the online trading platform XTB. More than 200 attendants gathered in two large halls in the Hotel Eurobuilding, Madrid. The lecturers are some of the hottest economists of the moment; Daniel Lacalle, Juan Ramón Rallo, Pablo Gil, José Carlos Díez … […]



IP Broadcast is a brave new company that is entering the world of broadcast television and streaming of events. It’s production units are designed to provide an HQ image anytime, anywhere, even whithout a power supply.  These are the images used in their website.

Oil Painting

Cuadros de la pintora Teresa Ochoa Esteve.http://teresaochoa.blogspot.com.es/

The reproduction of paintings and graphic art is a rather simple photography task but it has some pitfalls that must be avoided. The canvas must be evenly lit and reflections must be avoided even if they are almost invisible in your camera’s screen. Light sources must be increasingly sufficient depending […]

Panasonic AG-AF101 video review

Panasonic AG-AF101

This is the pilot for a series of product tests done in collaboration with Kiko Reinoso. Quality images for an internet surfer interested in a model and willing to spend seven minutes in adquiring a better knowlege. Large manufacturers rarely make substandard products. You can make an honest analysis without […]

Ana Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

Anne Hidalgo

I’m not a close follower of French politics, nevertheless I’ve noticed socialist Anne Hidalgo. I saw her in one of the television shows I watch to keep track of french culture. He had just published a book about his political project for Paris ( Mon combat pour Paris). Anne Hidalgo […]

Telemadrid panorama

Continuidad Telemadrid

It is a portrait of several workers in a Department of Telemadrid at their working environment. Several techniques are simultaneously integrated to create a single image of a complex environment. The need to assemble multiple photos for a panorama gives me the opportunity to portray the team twice. The chance […]