Cuadros de la pintora Teresa Ochoa Esteve.//

The reproduction of paintings and graphic art is a rather simple photography task but it has some pitfalls that must be avoided. The canvas must be evenly lit and reflections must be avoided even if they are almost invisible in your camera’s screen. Light sources must be increasingly sufficient depending on the size of the pictures.

Although it is tempting to correct the misalignment on computer it is a bad practice. Alignment must be right at the time of shooting and focus must be precise. It has to be perfect in the whole surface, without field’s curvature errors. The painter wants to see the texture of the canvas and the strokes made on it by his brush.

But in the case of Teresa Ochoa’s paintings nothing is as essencial as color treatment Colors must not only be faithful to the original but keep all its subtle nuances.

Teresa Ochoa Paintings

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Working with material comming from great artist is always a pleasure.
Teresa Ochoa Esteve is a painter and a fine arts teacher living west of Madrid.

¿Te gustó? no lo guardes solo para tí.

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