Panasonic AG-AF101

This is the pilot for a series of product tests done in collaboration with Kiko Reinoso. Quality images for an internet surfer interested in a model and willing to spend seven minutes in adquiring a better knowlege.

Large manufacturers rarely make substandard products. You can make an honest analysis without hiding the limitations of a product. Moreover, in a world where consumers are increasingly aware of ethical issues, sincerity is often rewarded with loyalty.

The VideoTest takes its full meaning in the global market of internet. It is cheap and delivers instant satisfaction, especially for online shops intending to sell their products worldwide.

If you do not believe me, listen to what Roberto Mondragon says using all the standard marketing giberish.

“Videos on the Landing pages increase conversions by 86%. Remenber I said before content is king? in 2015 videomarketing will be the Prince. 65% of the digital audience demands IMAGES”.
Roberto Mondragón, Increnta
¿Te gustó? no lo guardes solo para tí.

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