El Año de Mari Tere

Mari Tere is an aspiring actress who struggles to break into the Madrid scene. Adicted to Drama and admirer of spanish actress Blanca Portillo, her life looks more like an Almodovar film. The Year of Mari Tere was written by actor/producer Antonio Sansano in a casual style tipical from the Madrid’s “Movida” of the eighties. It is a tragic and comic, inconsequential and uninhibited work. A play not offering much to debate but, nevertheless, a refreshing one for a hot Madrid’s night.

The recording was made in October 2012.

Drama at all costs

We are in Velarde Street, in honor of Captain Pedro Velarde, one of the most famous resistants in Spain’s history. In our Century the resistants are Micaela Quesada, Borja Vera, Gema Nun, David Sanchez and Alfonso Lara. A group of Drama lovers who have built their parapet in a business loft in the Madrid neighborhood of Malasaña. A humble, but centrally located neighborhood that serves as refuge for young students and short-of-credit bohemians
Not big enought to be called theater, they called it “You hall”. With only 40 seats but, precisely because of that, open to artists not needing to compromise.

The Cast
Juan Anillo, Xavi Méndez, Sabina Coira, Luis del Cura and, of course, Mari Tere played by Eva Reaño


¿Te gustó? no lo guardes solo para tí.

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