No hay ladrón que por bien no venga

The Estudio3 theater with seating for 60 spectators is, in fact, a school run by the Argentine actor Augustine Bellusci in the center of Madrid. Graduates from the school produce their own plays reaping often good reviews. Though most actors do other jobs for living they have managed to continue operating as a stable company.


In the 2013 season they performed The Good That a Buglar can Bring (Non tutti i ladri vengono to nuocere). A comedy by Italian author Dario Fo. To my notice, the only comedian in the world who has been awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. Not without reason, Fo uses humor to make a sharp portrait of Italian society. And, as it is performed by Estudio3, Italians are not so different from us. Some of the biggest laughs are heard when viewers recognize lines they’ve heard recently in the news regarding a famous politician.

¿Te gustó? no lo guardes solo para tí.

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